Friday, July 31, 2015

[TUT]How to make dummies in ZModeler

Step 1: Open up Zmodeler, click on little arrow next to cone and select 'Dummy Helper'

Step 2: Then click on the on the box with colorful arrows.

Step 3: Then, a little blue pixel appear on your screen.

There you go, you created a dummy.

Follow the next steps to edit the dummy

Step 4: Right click on 'Dummy Helper' and click on 'Properties'

Step 5: Then click on the blue box with (0, 0, 119) Next it.

Step 6: Then select the green with this color code (0, 128, 0)

Step 7: Then modify Scale X, Y and Z to 0.05

The Result


  1. Just a heads up: Color and size does not really matter, once you export and re-import you will ntoice that all of your dummies have been converted to SA standard anyway ;)

    1. Yea, I did that too in the beginning, but at one point I figured out that it doesn't matter at all and saves some time.

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